My high school class voted me "Belongs in the '70s." I should have seen this coming sooner...

After some time as a professional portrait and fashion photographer in Northern California, I now have the flexibility to work for myself doing what I love the most. My love for vintage fashion, photography, collecting and people (that's YOU!) combine to create what is, for me, the ideal full-time occupation for which I am so thankful.

My goal is to present my vintage apparel collections as accurately as possible. Each vintage piece is carefully fitted to each model based on their individual measurements in sizes ranging from petite to plus size. We rarely clip or pin pieces to create a "better" fit for picture's sake. (If our bodies were all the same, there would be only one size dress and I would need only one model!) We have fun creating a variety of looks to fit the style of a particular set that we lovingly shoot on-location. Click on each model's picture to the right (organized from petite to plus size) to compare their height and measurements to your own for a better fit. Please be sure to double check the individual garment's measurements in each listing for specifics! (For a fun behind-the-scenes look at our shoots, LIKE us on Facebook and Instragram!)

There's something wondrously satisfying about handmade pieces and I tend to gravitate toward them in my collections. Fabrics and patterns that were once chosen by hand and created with such individualized detail in a now-dying art of truly one-of-a -kind pieces (except for on Etsy, of course!). My mother hand-made everything her three children wore and played with, from frilly matching dresses to intricate baby dolls, and I've always admired the time and love she dedicated to create these everyday masterpieces special.

There is also something magical about high-end vintage designer pieces—their detail, quality & luxury, metal zippers and union-made tags, things that are meant to last more than a single season to be cherished as heirlooms, two- sometimes three-piece original ensembles that you wonder how, after 60 some years, they could still have their mates. And, yes, I DO have a fondness for the '70s.

The Roselein Rarities logo and name is inspired by a colorful 1920s German banknote / paper currency series that illustrates the famous German poem "Heidenröslein" or "Little Rose of the Field." To me the poem symbolizes rare & beautiful encounters with the small things in life that touch us personally & make life worth living.

Grandma always wanted to see me in my red dresses & declared red to be my color. Red is intense, heartfelt, and without words says love, desire, strength & passion. Most of the garments at Roselein Rarities either contain the color red or compliment it.

I hope you'll have a good time browsing Roselein Rarities and hopefully you'll find that special something! If I can help in any way, please let me know.

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