Antique red floral comforter, large heavy cotton, teal blue flowers, cream white bedspread blanket insulated Victorian quilt 1900s vintage

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ANTIQUE RED FLORAL COMFORTER • A gorgeous red-and-teal floral comforter that's over 100 years old! Warm, thick and very heavy! • Cotton fabric on both sides • Stuffed with a thick cotton-wool insulating layer

ERA: late 1800s / early 1900s

COLOR: red with teal & cream

MATERIAL: unlabeled cotton

LINING: red floral on both sides; stuffed with thick cotton-fiber layer

LABEL: unlabeled

ORIGIN: Handmade in USA

CONDITION: Beautiful red coloring has probably transferred a bit onto the teal/cream for a general color-bleed discoloration. Some yellowing and wear, especially on the one end, shown. Blankets like this are very rare to find these days and this one is still in good condition!