Vintage 1920s floral beaded purse, brown Bakelite frame, glass beads small flapper handbag wristlet, pink black green art deco, purple silk

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1920s FLORAL BEADED PURSE • A gorgeous beaded purse from the 1920s with a beautiful art-deco floral design! • Tiny glass beads • Short strap covered in black beads • Translucent brown marbled Bakelite hinged frame with kiss clasp (see condition below) • Lined in pristine mulberry-purple silk with adorable floral trim • Small side pouch on interior

ERA: 1920s

COLOR: black, pink, purple, white, green and yellow

MATERIAL: glass beads, Bakelite

LINING: mulberry-purple silk

LABEL: unlabeled

ORIGIN: unlabeled

SIZE: 7 x 6"


CONDITION: One side of the kiss-clasp is missing / broken. Purse stays closed when holding strap as each end is connected to an alternate side of the frame. There are a few missing and loose beads but most of the beads are intact. Lining is pristine!