Vintage 1920s striped fur muff, Bakelite bangle bracelet handle, black brown gold white silk antique handwarmer, art deco hand warmer winter

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1920s STRIPED FUR MUFF with BAKELITE BANGLE • An AMAZING genuine-fur muff from the 1920s with unique stripes and an original Bakelite bangle handle! • There are two different types of fur--you can feel the seam when you run your finger along it--my educated guess is the white fur is coyote and the black is sheared beaver • Black silk lined with ruffled detail edge • Black silk strap connected to a golden-yellow Bakelite bangle bracelet • Feels like down fill

ERA: 1920s

COLOR: black with shades of brown & white; yellow Bakelite

MATERIAL: genuine fur, Bakelite

LINING: black silk lining with ruffled edge

LABEL: unlabeled

ORIGIN: unlabeled

SIZE: 9 x 8"

CONDITION: Bangle has some wear in the form of some light scratches and a few tiny nicks. Fur and lining are pristine and piece is in EXCELLENT condition!